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South Alabama 23 Nov

Posted on: November 24, 2008 9:00 am

Another warm up game, another highlight reel of dunks and pressured turnovers. This game turned out as expected as the Cards force the Jaguars into a low shooting percentage (36%) high turnover (23!).  Coach will continue strong focus on that rebounding though, as the feisty and somewhat seasoned Jags out hustle the cards 39-33 on the boards.

I watched Marquette decimate someone this weekend and found myself worried about playing 11 guards. (If you watch them, you'll understand.)  However, Preston looks as if he'll consistently be the amazing spark he showed himself to be last year. Absolute non-stop hustle and when combined with the new (?) Sosa (only 1 assist this night, a bit concerning and hence the question mark), the ever fast and efficient McGee (4AST 3STL!)  and Jerry Smith (1STl 1AST adn 3REB)  -- we might not have much trouble with Marquette after all.

Should we be talknig smack or proclaiming a stake on the title game?  Yes.  Despite the fact that we haven't played quality competition yet, the boys are doing almost exactly what is expected.  Just a few more rebounds from the guards and Samardo and this team will go all the way.  Not to make light of Psycho T and his fellow Heels, but the Cards have more depth and will run everyone into the ground dog tired.


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Posted on: November 24, 2008 8:05 pm

South Alabama 23 Nov

I couldn't agree with you more.
This Cardinal team is different than others from the past.
The only team I've seen do what we're doing in defense, but they're not doing it like we are.
We're forcing more than just bad passes.
Every possible turnover in the book.
10 second violation
illegal shift while passing in the ball
5 second violation
we're making whoever we guard work as hard as they can to get a good shot.
and most of the time, if they get a good shot, we challenge it anyways.

go Cards!

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